From left to right: Rain Check, Lavender Creme, Black Creme, Blazed


I would like to thank my big sister for being my coupon guru and letting me know these polishes were on sale for $0.69 at CVS this week! Granted they were only $0.99 each regular price, but that saved me a total of $1.20 in polishes. I also found a combo pack of Seche Vite (my all-time favorite top coat) and Seche Clear. I’m not low on top coat but whenever I see a combo pack that has Seche Vite I can’t help but buy it. You can never have too much top coat! As for the quality of the polishes, they were really good for being so cheap. Lavender Creme and Black Creme needed 2 coats to be opaque, while Rain Check and Blazed needed about 3 thick coats to be opaque. They were also tacky for several minutes after application. The shine on them was beautiful, as if I had already put top coat on them (guess that’s why it’s called wild shine)! I’ll definitely be trying these on my nails soon and will let you know how well they stay on. Check your local CVS and see if they are also having the same sale!